Terms & Conditions

  1. Property Inspect WA reserves the right to reject any application at the inspector’s absolute discretion. In this event, any fees, deposit or other monies paid by the client will be refunded.
  2. Property Inspect WA shall not be liable for failure to perform any duty or obligation that the consultant may have under this agreement, where such failure has been caused by inclement weather, industrial disturbance, inevitable accident, inability to obtain labour or transportation, or any cause outside the reasonable control of the consultant.
  3. Cancellation fees will be charged if the inspection is cancelled by the client or the client’s representative within a 24 hour period prior to the confirmed inspection date. Cancellation fees are half the nominated inspection fee. The client acknowledges and accepts that an administration fee of $150.00 may be added to your account if your account is not settled within 14 days of your completed inspection/s.
  4. The client gives the company permission to debit our fees from their credit card as provided. This fee will be debited on the day of the inspection.
  5. The report is produced for the client only. The consultant is not liable for any reliance placed on the report by any third party. For reference purposes a copy of your report/s will be retained for a period of 60 (sixty) days only.




  1. All of our bookings are subject to the occupant of property or those providing access to the property:

a) Not being in self-isolation

b) Not having any flue like symptoms

c) Where either of the above circumstances are found to exist, the inspection will NOT proceed and will be cancelled.

d) It is important to note that under standard Pre Purchase Building Inspection clauses (particularly the REIWA Clause) this may have an impact on the ability to deliver building inspection reports within the required time frames. Please see here for more information.


2)         The Report is expressly produced for the sole use of the Client and in accordance with AS4349.1.  Legal liability is limited to the Client


3)         No advice is given regarding the presence, or effect, of termites or pests on the Property or buildings. A specialist company should be approached to provide such certification if required


4)         Any dimensions referenced or provided are approximate only


5)         Any cost estimates provided are approximate only.  Should the Client wish to define a price more accurately, trade quotations should be arranged


6)         The Client acknowledges, and agrees that any comments contained in the Report relating to matters of an electrical, or plumbing nature, are based on a visual inspection only carried out by the Inspector on the day of the inspection, and should not in any way be relied upon by the Client as a substitute for obtaining expert professional advice from a licensed electrician, or plumber


7)         Any charge-out rate quoted relates to normal work and is not applicable for work relating to arbitration, mediation, conciliation, expert witness, court appearance or any other legal application


8)         The Report comments on only those features which were reasonably visible, and reasonably accessible, at the time of the inspection without recourse to viewing platforms, the removal, or moving, of building components, or any other materials of any kind, or any other unusual methodology including measuring or testing of building components to confirm structural soundness or major defects


9)         We have not inspected woodwork or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and are therefore unable to report that any such part of the structure is free from defect


10)      Inspections and/or surveys shall be made only by a qualified Building Consultant with no less than 10 years’ experience


11)      Only those items in the Report, which have been commented upon, have been inspected. If there is no comment against an item it has not been inspected. The Inspector gives no undertaking that they will inspect all items present on the day of the inspection


12)      We will not (even if requested to do so) provide you any advice regarding asbestos at the property that we are asked to inspect, including whether or not any building materials used in the construction of a home are made from asbestos or not.  However, if we identify that a building material is made from asbestos, we may without any obligation or requirement to do so, mention this to you so that you can then have this view confirmed by someone appropriately qualified to advise you about


a) whether the material is made from asbestos and

b) how to deal with it.  If we provide you such advice, then you must not accept or rely upon our view as being in any way determinative and you agree that it is stated to you so that you then will engage someone appropriately qualified to advise you on the presence of asbestos and related matters, and not act on or rely upon our view in any other way


13)      Where requested by the client, Property Inspect WA may arrange or co-ordinate other specialist inspection or building services to be provided by independent third party consultants or companies. Property Inspect WA does not in any way warrant or guarantee the services provided by these third party consultants or companies. Property Inspect WA may receive a fee or payment for arranging and coordinating these third party services at the request of the client


14)      As a convenience to the client, Property Inspect WA may collect payment on behalf of third party providers for services performed by third party providers. The processing of third party payments by Property Inspect WA does not in any way imply that Property Inspect WA guarantees or warranties the relevant third party services


15)      All advice given by the Inspector not included in the Report is given in good faith. However no responsibility is accepted for any losses, either direct or consequential, resulting from the advice


16)      The Report is confirmation of a visual inspection of the Property carried out by the Inspector on the day of the inspection, and only covers those items which could reasonably be detected by such visual inspection at the time of such inspection.


17)      All statutory or implied conditions and warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law.  The report is not intended to be a Certificate of Compliance for Building Codes.


18)      To the extent permitted by law, liability under any condition or warranty which cannot legally be excluded is limited to:


a)    supplying the Report again; or

b)    paying the cost of having the Report supplied again


19)      If the Report fails to conform in any material respect to the terms and conditions set out herein then


a)     the Inspector is not liable unless the Client notifies the Inspector of the failure within 90 days after the date of delivery of the Report; and

b)     the liability of the inspector is in any case limited to the cost of providing the inspection and the inspector is not liable for any consequential damage


20)      The provisions of clause 17 above are subject to the provision of any statutory condition or warranty which cannot legally be excluded


21)      Proof of payment to Property Inspect WA must be received prior to the release of the report


22)           Where the inspection service has been provided and the Client does not make payment to Property Inspect WA within 7 days Property Inspect WA will add to the inspection fee daily late payment fees


23)      Property Inspect WA may charge a cancellation fee where the inspection service has been scheduled by or at the request of the Client and is cancelled by the Client within 24 hours of the inspection, or the inspection is unable to be performed


24)      The Report will generally be emailed within 2 business days of the inspection or as otherwise agreed with the Client upon receipt of payment


25)      The terms and conditions contained herein:



a) constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the Client and the Inspector, on everything connected to the subject matter of the Agreement; and

b) supersede any prior agreement or understanding or anything connected with that subject matter.


  1. These are the standard terms and conditions under which we provide our service to you. When we provide you our service, we do so on the basis that

a) these terms and conditions make up the terms of the contract between you and us and,

b) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions then you must contact us prior to us providing you our service to advise us that

i. you do not want to make a contract with us and

ii. do not want us to provide our service to you.