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Why get an inspection before purchasing a property?

If you’re a first home buyer, or have never had a property inspection, it’s not surprising that you may not understand the importance of one.

Here are a few reasons why property inspections are so important:

  • Buying a property is a huge investment – you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying, before you buy.
  • Protection – a property report protects you from unexpected surprises such as structural issues.
  • Existing defects or potential problems are highlighted – if there are any problems with the property structure or safety, this may impact your decision to purchase.
  • Peace of mind is priceless – the price of a property inspection report is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  • Knowledge is power – with a comprehensive property report, you’ll not only be better equipped to make your purchase decision, you’ll be informed for future, renovations, extensions, or sales, should you decide to buy.
  • Value for money – if there are problems in your report, yet you still decide to buy, the purchase price can be negotiated to ensure you get the best value for money.

What does a property inspection report cost?

We don’t like hidden costs and surprises either, which is why we offer a fixed fee – disclosed upfront, as it should be.

Single Storey Residential homes

  • up to 4 bedrooms in size
  • within 50km radius from Perth CBD


Larger Homes


  • Residential homes larger than 4 bedroom
  • Homes with special features




  • Residential homes outside a 50km radius of Perth CBD
  • Travel costs may vary




  • Commercial Property Inspections available within 80km of Perth CBD


What’s included in a property report?

So, what do you get in your report?

Let’s take a look at what’s included:

  • First, we identify building defects
  • This includes:
  • roof
  • roof void
  • external walls
  • external doors and windows
  • internal walls
  • internal floors
  • subfloor

Then, we assess any defects for significance. This is relative to the expected condition of a well-maintained property of similar age and construction type.
We then provide general information and additional advice on maintenance matters
Finally, we look for any signs of damp inside the property. If it’s caused, is causing or may cause structural damage to the property, such as concrete spalling, fretting mortar.

Ready to book your Perth property inspection?

  • To request a property inspection booking simply submit an enquiry form, email us, call or text us.
  • Once your inspection is booked we will email you an invoice for payment before or on the day of your inspection.
  • If the house is currently on the market for sale, we will arrange to collect the keys from the agent directly and contact you after the inspection has been completed.

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